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Orange Basket

Ageless Orange Clove Facial

Oranges and cloves create some of the familiar and memorable scents of the holiday season. Oranges provide a boost of Vitamin C along with lactic and glycolic acids that digest dead skin cells leaving the skin soft, supple and renewed. Cloves have a scavenging activity towards free radicals. These two come together in this memorable ageless facial.

**Ideal treatment for: Anti-aging, Skin in need of brightening, Dry skin, Hyperpigmentation/Melasma, Normal/Combination


Swiss Pine Facial

The Swiss Pine tree, known as King of the Alps, can grow and thrive at high altitudes, despite extremely harsh weather conditions. This woods-themed facial is inspired by Pinolumin™ (from the Swiss Pine Tree) to calm sensitive and irritated skin, visibly reduce redness, and protect the skin from the effect of enviornmental stress. X-Pressin™ optimizes the papain enzyme to offer exceptionally gentle, yet effective exfolitation. French Oak, White Birch, and Cedar offer woodsy benefits that neutralize free radicals, create a more even skiin tone, and relieve tension in the skin. Through the protective, soothing and nature-inspired actives, the skin is left relaxed and radiant.

**Suitable for all skin types**

Image by Iler Stoe
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